As a leader and the one that always has to be strong and is always advising,counseling and mentoring others, it is difficult to find a safe place where you can be raw and transparent about your own storms and challenges plus get the Godly wisdom and advice that's necessary. I found that place with Coach Gail Kyles.


Although Coach Kyles is very protective of those that she loves and believes she has been assigned to, she is very careful to make sure that her advice is not tainted by her opinion or even her love for those involved.


Her wisdom was full of grace,  absent of judgement, yet carefully and prayerfully given. What I appreciate was that her counsel was not only based upon God's word because I know God's word. I've been saved for over 40 years. But God has gifted her to bring what you already may know about God's word into action steps for what you are experiencing at the time. 


She coached me through one of the most difficult storms of my entire salvation walk and her teaching was given to me  in a firm yet practical way that I could apply in my daily conduct so that I could win and feel like the overcomer that I was while walking through the storm in love. Her intentional and strategic mentoring is priceless and Coach Kyle's is worth her weight in gold! 

K. F.  Beard



Thank you so much for MCing

the reception. You made it

exciting and funny. You were



I can't  wait until I am able to tell the world how much you help me.  Thank you for covering me during the process.


We can always count on Gail to make each event exciting!  Her comical presentation along with her spiritual impartation is amazing.

I am so grateful for her different perspective on life that it gives me more than a one sided view and I believe everyone should have someone like her in their corner.

E. Dixon - SC

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