Sometimes believers in the church think they are unable to truly share how they feel with one another for the fear they will be seen differently.   This show will provide an encouraging nonjudgmental outlet for them.  It is not a venting session.  It's not to amplify sin or make believers look bad.  It's a place to share, educate, unify and empower us as to how we can better minister to one another.  We pray it provokes everyone to not leave one sheep behind.

One Sheep is hosted by Gail Kyles, a Christian, who loves God and people.  She has been that One Sheep before who felt judged and alone.  That feeling caused her to try to commit suicide.  As a Christian who is a Life Coach, she sees this struggle is very prevalent among believers who appear to look free but live bound. She is passionate about this idea God gave her to have this platform.  Gail wants everyone to know they are not alone and they are still the ONE SHEEP God wants in His fold.  She believes it is time to stop existing and start Living It!


1. To start a conversation that encourages believers to better understand one another.


2. To provide an open platform for faith believing individuals to share honestly without judgment.

3. To encourage believers not to leave the fold.

3. To be a tool that is used to enhance how we minister to others.

4. To encourage everyone to do what is necessary to make sure no sheep is left behind.


1. Submit the completed form below. 

2. You will be contacted once form is received by email in 24 hours.

3. A response from you must be received with in 48 hours from our email.

4. You will be given a number to call to record the show. Block your number if you wish to remain private.



  • This is a faith based radio show.

  • This show offers no guarantees. This is not a professional counseling center.

  • The host will not get in a spiritual debate with you.

  • You will not be able to use anyone's name, location or church affiliation during the show.

  • We can not guarantee no one will recognized your voice even if it's distorted.

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