Can You See ME?

I was among the crowd. Everyone knew my name. Some called me the Fab lady. Some called me CEO. Some called me manager. Some called me mentor, friend, coach and more. But no one called me when I stopped and the lights faded away. They only cared about what they were receiving but not who was giving it. Even after seeing me off and on for two years they only asked about when am I going to do something again that I provided for them. They never asked why I stopped, are you okay, did something happen in your life, or whats going on with you? Who I was, was invisible to them. They didn't see me. Maybe they thought if they asked about something I was doing implies they care about me but it didn't. It only showed you were more interested in what I provided than who I was. Once that need is gone, normally the consistency of the people attached to it are too. They forget they owe you money and what you done for them for free even though they profited from what you are still paying for. I say it not out of anger. I say it out of awareness. I say it to free me. I say it so maybe you can begin to see others around you that you need to go back and check on. I say it so you can be aware that the person is more valuable than what they provide. I say it because if we really want to show the love of Christ we need to SEE correctly again. They are not just a musician, preacher, CEO, friend, spouse or a title. They are a person who needs you to see them beyond what they give so you can recognize when they are fading away. You have to see them before the gift. If you invest in them first then what you need or want for them maybe freely given. I know I am not the only one who has felt this. We wonder why people leave the faith, become hopeless sometimes or stop doing things that were beneficial. They were shown the thing became more important to the people then them. The sad part about this is if I died today everyone would be posting on all social media platforms of who I am to them and what I did for them because we love to participate in grief instead of honoring life. We take for granted the person knows. When they say she "used" to do somethings then some may begin to ask do you know what happened why she stopped doing some of the things she did. Then maybe at that time they will think to themselves, I should have called to check on her. At that point its too late. Just think, what if all the people who have done and is doing something for us just stopped because we never showed true consistent interest in them but in only what they provided. WHO would you lose? Not WHAT would you lose. Would that parent who still helps you out even though you are grown stop? Would your spiritual leader who is there for you but can't count on you to come to church stop? Would the coworker who brings you coffee without you even asking how they are doing stop? Would that friend who always listen to you talk but you have to hang up when they talk - stop? Would that spouse who provides what you need - stop? Who we are makes what we do possible. Don't make my service more important than my existence. Don't tell me if I call to tell you I am sick who is going to take care of what you need. Ask about me. Somebody will always be able to fill my title or position but they can never be me. We can always fill positions but not the person. We have to stop taking each other for granted. Honestly ask yourself if there is any area in your life where you have taken for granted the person God has used to bless you in some way. I know I have! I am asking God to take the scales off of my eyes daily to always see the person before even thinking about what I know they can do for me. I don't want to be selfish. I never want to forget the pain I felt so I won't inflict it on others. The pain makes me better not bitter.

For all of you who may have felt or is feeling invisible, I see you! That is why I am also writing this to let you know you are not alone. In this place don't let their impaired vision of you become how you see you. You are valuable. I had to realize most people don't mean any harm. People often are caught up in getting what they need that they forget God uses people to provide those needs. If you feel this way let someone know. You don't have to go through this alone. I am Christian. I believe in prayer and fasting. I also believe God gives us people or counselors that we can talk to. It's okay. You will still be a Christian. If you don't know how to bring it up forward this to them and tell them this is how you are feeling. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself. Don't choose to be invisible on purpose. You were made to be seen or God wouldn't have made you. Also accept the people who you may have done the most for may never see you. Let their blindness be your blessing so you can experience the true joy of who it feels when God let the right people see you.

Stay encouraged and Choose you!

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