A Woman of Passion, Dynamic Speaker, Comical Host, Anointed Woman, Amazing Coach, Brillo Pad and The Fab Lady are some of the words that have been used to describe Gail Kyles.  This wife and mother has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Her spiritual walk, tenacity and drive are perfect examples of her quote, "Stop Talking About It! Be About It! Start Living It!" She is a firm believer that everything you need is in you, you just have to see it and believe it to start Living It.

As CEO and founder of Clean Night Entertainment, Gail manages a few select artists, created, presented, and hosted over 35 successful productions, and produced two television shows. Her company also works with clients to take their events, artistry, business or ministry to the next level. Her commitment to maintain spiritual operational standards has made her name notable and her company trustworthy.


After working as a CEO for a few years, Gail began to see the great need to encourage everyone, especially Christians, to start enjoying their life now.  In 2015 to make sure her message reached the masses, she started airing the "Enjoying Life Together TV Show with Gail Kyles" nationally on the NOW TV Network. Her second TV Show, "Living It with Gail Kyles" began to air in 2016 on the NOW TV Network. In 2017 she started the One Sheep Radio show that airs weekly. Also in 2017 she started the iSEE Empowerment event for women.  In 2018 she became a Certifies Solution Focused Life Coach.

One of Gail’s strongest passions is to empower people, especially women, to confront and move all obstacles that hinder them from seeing their value and limit them from Living IT the way they desire and God intended.  For over eight years, God has blessed Gail with the wisdom to coach individuals, couples, and groups. Known for her patient, honest, and grounded approach to self help based on Biblical principles, she  provides a place of transparency without judgment while producing wholeness. Gail believes in cultivating your faith in the idea that everything you need God has given you access to, no matter where you are in life.

Drawing from her own personal experiences as it relates to depression, attempted suicide, insecurities, leadership struggles and other obstacles, Gail allows her life to be the guideline from which transparent inspiring groups are formed and motivating messages are delivered. Whether she is speaking before a large church or a small group, Gail uses humor and straight talk to deliver her consistent message of faith, love, forgiveness, hope, and living your best life now.

Gail Kyles’ commitment and love for what she does has brought her before POTUS, National Recording Artists, and Presidents of major organizations. She has been interviewed on TV and radio, and has appeared in a magazine. In 2017 she was acknowledged by The Senate of the State of South Carolina as a member of the 2017 Class of Women of Excellence.  She is determined to be all that God has called her to be by impacting others with her life that is the epitome of Living It!


Phone: 803.369.7334 

Email: CoachGailJK@gmail.com

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